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Pretty Patty Wax Melt

Pretty Patty Wax Melt


All the SpongeBob fans have been waiting for Pretty patty wax melts !

They comes in a range of 6 colors and 6 fragrances. Choose from the the drop down for colors.

Yellow- 6 scented in pineapple mango

Red- 6 scented in pomegranate

Green- 6 scented in florals green tones, and sandalwood

Purple- 6 scented in Tangy Lemon, Juicy Orange, Peach

Blue- 6 scented in blueberry cheesecake

All- one of each color / fragrance

Legal Disclaimer: My items are not licensed products. I do not claim ownership to any character, brand, or person used. Copyrights and/or trademarks used belong to their respective owners.

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